5 Healthy and Easy Breakfast Menu for Family Weekend

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Have fun with your family preparing a healthy breakfast menu! (Photo: Shutterstock)

The weekend’s coming up, and you have to plan a well-balanced breakfast menu to kickstart the family fun plans. Cooking healthy food need not be tedious or difficult. Knowing the recommended food groups in the breakfast diet can help you plan easier.


Typically, a healthy breakfast consists of fruit, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy – or a good balance between some of these food groups. All these food groups provide adequate amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and some, have bonuses. For instance, fruits and vegetables are also suitable for hydration, and protein-rich foods can help with boosting energy, weight loss, and muscle development.


Breakfast is important as it replenishes our energy, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for the day. Hence, why choosing a healthy breakfast menu is ideal for kickstarting the weekend with family.


Here are 5 tasty and easy combinations to try this weekend!


1. The Complete Menu

Serve your family a good nutrient yet delicious breakfast menus. (Photo: NMA)

Are you starting the day with some family quality time chatting and laughing? Then this breakfast menu is perfect for filling up your dining table while all of you are at it. The Cloudy Eggs with Sausage and Carrots recipe is definitely a family favourite. In addition, it is served with baked beans and fruit salad, making it a complete and well-balanced breakfast.


A good tip is to use less oil when cooking many different types of food, perhaps even to invest in an oil spray bottle or buy cooking sprays found in the store. You can also substitute white bread with whole-grain bread for added fibre.


2. The Oat Rich Menu

Have the family got a long day of fun-filled activities planned this weekend? Then get a morning boost with some old-fashioned oats on the breakfast menu. Oats are very versatile. Commonly, oats are soaked with milk or water to create a porridge-like texture, and you may add different toppings such as fruits and nuts to them. You can also make savoury oat porridges by using eggs, potatoes, herbs and other vegetables as toppings. Today, many smoothies or acai bowl recipes also include oats as an ingredient, whether to blend or as additional toppings.


A good tip to add oats to the family’s diet is making overnight oats or adding oats into bakes like muffins, especially if your weekend plans involve being outdoors early or going on a road trip. Overnight oats are very popular, soak them in the fridge the night before with favourite toppings and grab them to eat the following day. Similarly, oat bakes like muffins are delicious for grab-and-go breakfast styles, and they’ll also make good snacks during your family activities.


3. The Grab-and-Go Menu

Prepare breakfast menus according to your family’s plans for the weekend. (Photo: NMA)

The following recipe is sure to be much-loved for weekend activities, especially among kids! Bite-sized, easy to eat and packed with all the nutrients needed, this Breakfast Egg Bread Cup makes the perfect addition to the breakfast menu. It is easy to make, and while waiting for them to bake, you’d have plenty of time to prepare other things that weekend.


A healthy tip is to choose low-sodium cheese or cheese with less salt, especially if you’ll be making a lot of these for the family. Other than cherry tomatoes, you can also add more vegetables if you like, such as thinly sliced spinach and kale.


4. The Juicy Menu

Let’s take a look at fruits. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients – they are also one of the most versatile ingredients to be included in your weekend breakfast menus. The best thing about fruits is that you can eat them, drink them, and some fruits can even be cooked or baked into dishes. Dairies such as yoghurts pair well with fruits. Whether you’re using fruits as yoghurt toppings, blending them into smoothies or pairing them for a fruit salad, the combination has long-standing popularity among many breakfast enthusiasts.


Another way to consume fruits for breakfast is, of course, by juicing them. Different fruits are known for the many nutrients they hold. All of them contribute to our bodily health. Fruit juices make interesting pairs with your meals. If you need something sour to complement your dishes, and orange juice or lemonade, perhaps? For something sweeter, apple or guava, maybe? Combinations of fruits and vegetables also work well together, such as apple and carrots or cucumber and lemons. A tip to making things a bit more interesting is to even experiment with the family or make it into a weekend game and see which juice is the family’s favourite!


5. The Protein-Packed Menu

Protein-rich foods are always good to be included in healthy breakfast menus. (Photo: NMA)

Do your weekend activities include some pumped-up exercising or sports? Then what the family needs are a protein-packed breakfast menu for that energy boost and muscle-loving nutrients. Easy and delicious to make, this Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs Bagel recipe is a crowd-pleaser. Smoked Salmon is an excellent choice of protein with Omega-3 fatty acids.


A healthy tip would also be to substitute scrambled eggs with hard-boiled eggs. They have more protein and fewer calories in comparison. For example, this Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap recipe is packed with proteins from hard-boiled eggs, chicken, and cheese. They also make an excellent addition to the breakfast menu for an energy-filled day.


Healthy breakfast menus can be surprisingly easy and tasty to plan for, especially if we know what the family likes to eat. Having spreads like Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise, Tuna Spread, or Chicken Spread can easily add delicious flavours to your breakfast recipes as well. In addition, they provide a good source of Omega 3.


As mentioned above, breakfast is an important meal to refill all the energy and nutrients we need after fasting at an average of 8 hours while we sleep. Undoubtedly, a healthy breakfast is essential to good physical health, but it also helps to boost our mental wellbeing for the day.

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