5 Amazing Blueberry Benefits to Improve Your Immunity

Bright blueberry fruits on a yellow plate from a top view

Blueberries has anthocyanin that will improve your immunity (Photo: Pexels)

For years, studies have shown that blueberries are one of the best superfoods. Not only are they nutrient-rich, but they also possess other beneficial properties known to aid bodily health. For instance, adding blueberries to your diet alongside a healthy lifestyle has may help reduce underlying illnesses such as high blood pressure and diabetes. As a result, blueberry benefits have become an even more meaningful conversation, especially with the current need for improved health and immunity.


Importance of Immunity

Our immune system is the body’s natural defence whenever anything harmful enters the body. This could be bacteria, viruses, germs and other destructive substances. Once immune system cells recognize these invaders, a series of protocols are executed to defend our bodies effectively. On top of that, the immune system is also self-learning, remembering anything foreign and fighting it faster the next time it appears.


Hence, having good immunity is essential to avoid illness and to maintain a healthy body. A strong immunity can be achieved with many healthy habits such as getting enough sleep, sufficient exercise, minimizing stress, disciplined self-hygiene and most significantly, a nutritious diet. So, that’s where this simple small step of adding blueberry to your life may be the key to improve your immunity.


Let’s check out why!


Phytonutrient-rich Fruit

Blueberries are mostly celebrated for their phytonutrient-rich properties and how easy it is to be included in the daily diet. Phytonutrients or phytochemicals are chemicals found in plants to ensure their health and wellbeing. Moreover, consuming phytonutrients has positively affected our health and may improve immunity, intercellular communication, repair DNA damage from exposure to toxins, and detoxify carcinogens.


The main phytochemicals that contribute to blueberry benefits are polyphenol compounds, including flavonoids such as anthocyanin (also causes the blue colour of the fruit) and proanthocyanidins. They are effective at combating free radicals in the body. These free radicals are primarily responsible for numerous chronic health problems like cardiovascular, digestive, inflammatory and cancerous diseases.


Nourishing Nutrients

Blueberries are great supplements for heart and mental health. (Photo: Unsplash)

Blueberries also house an array of vitamins, minerals and fibres. A cup of raw blueberries (approx. 100g) contains approximately 84 calories, 1g of protein, 22g of carbohydrates and 2g of fibre. Besides that, it also holds roughly 84g of water, aside from vitamin C, B6, K, and more. In addition, blueberries also give us potassium, folate, iron and manganese. These work to supplement our bodies with the nutrients we need daily and, crucially, boost our immune system.


Healthy Heart

A lot of things are involved in maintaining a solid heart, such as healthy lifestyles and habits. However, when it comes to diet, eating blueberries can be beneficial as it is cholesterol-free, and the fibre further reduces cholesterol in the blood. On top of that, vitamin B6 and folate in blueberries also counteract the build-up of homocysteine, affecting blood vessels. These problems may lead to eventual heart diseases, so consuming blueberries regularly in diet help keep them at bay.


Brain Booster

Blueberries also can aid cognitive performance. It was reported that the fruit could improve delayed memory, executive function and psychomotor function. Delayed memory reviews a person’s long-term retention and ability to recall information. On the other hand, executive function is the set of mental skills we need to operate daily tasks. At the same time, the psychomotor function is when our brain and body synergizes to complete tasks. Today, blueberries are an essential part of many focused diets, especially in improving mental strength and reducing age-related cognitive diseases.


Very Versatile

Enjoy the benefits of blueberries when you consume them regularly in your diet. (Photo: NMA)

The best thing about blueberries has got to be that they are versatile when it comes to how we can consume them. Blend them in juices, cook them with savoury meals or add them to desserts – endless possibilities. Of course, we’re sure you have come across the infamous blueberry muffins, pies and cheesecakes. A healthier alternative is always to make them at home to control the amount of sugar added. Better yet, eat the fruit as is with your breakfasts and other meals like salads! Blueberries give that sweet, juicy and acidic flavour to dishes. For a convenient alternative, add that blueberry flavour with Hellmann’s Blueberries and Lime dressing, made with natural ingredients such as eggs and farm-fresh blueberries. It is perfect for salads, pasta, roasts and even as dips!


The next time you’re planning your meals, don’t forget to include blueberries in them. A healthy body starts from healthy decisions. Improve your immunity, and remember to stay safe this season!









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