Lady's Choice Peanut Butter Cheesekut - Nak Makan Apa?

Lady’s Choice Peanut Butter Cheesekut

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12 Servings
Ringkas - Easy
Nak Makan Apa|April 13, 2021


Needed for this recipe:
Lady's Choice Mentega Kacang Kasar 500g
Lady's Choice Mentega Kacang Kasar
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Ingredients A

Ingredients B

  • 180 g Coffee flavor Marie biscuit, blended until fine
  • 7 tbsp Unsalted butter



Place ingredients A into a mixer and blend until smooth.


Place Marie biscuit into a mixing bowl, add in butter and mix until a dough is formed.


Line a 7×7 inch tray with cling wrap and pour in half of the biscuit dough and press down firmly. Next, pour in the cream cheese mixture and spread it out evenly. Lastly pour in the rest of the biscuit dough, spread it out evenly and gently press. Cover and chill Overnight.


To serve, remove from tray and cut into desire shape.

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