Why Refreshing Drinks are Essential in Humid Weather?

Why Refreshing Drinks are Essential in Our Humid Weather?

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The tropical climate that expands throughout Southeast Asia houses some of the most beautiful flora and fauna found in the world. Moreover, our exotic all-year-round weather, which is made up of scorching hot suns and fierce thunderstorms, makes us impervious to the humid weather that comes in between the two extremes mentioned. However, humid weather may further the risk of dehydration, especially when temperatures are high.


Humid often means air that holds a lot of water vapour, and humidity is how much water vapour is in the air of a certain climate, place or space. Humid weather is commonly mistaken not to cause dehydration since it is moist with water vapour. In actuality, when the temperature rises and there is a lot of moisture in the air, our bodies will continue to sweat but cannot cool down. This is because bodies depend a lot on air to get rid of the sweat accumulated on the skin. In light of this, hydration is essential in our humid weather to maintain stable body temperatures and what better way to rehydrate than making some refreshing drinks?


Why is Dehydration Bad?

Refreshing Drink Hydration
Don’t wait till you’re dehydrated to get yourselves a good refreshing drink.

Dehydration happens when your body excessively loses fluids. Many conditions may cause it, typically when battling a fever, food poisoning or under hot temperatures where excessive sweating occurs. Athletes, people exercising, and those exposed under the hot sun, though not limited to, are more prone to getting dehydrated.


Dehydration has both mild and severe effects. These include minor fatigue and headaches and, the latter, rapid breathing, or more concerning, disorientation. If left untreated for a long time, dehydration can even lead to heat exhaustion, heatstroke or low blood volume. These complications may also be life-threatening. Hence, it is always good to prevent this by staying hydrated and ensuring ample body fluids when faced with hot and humid weather.


How to Stay Hydrated?

Teas are good Refreshing Drinks
Teas are good for hydration aside from many other beneficial properties.

There are a few ways to prevent dehydration – being aware of your body temperature, the surrounding temperature, wearing weather appropriate clothing, limiting any physical exertion and most importantly, staying hydrated.


Staying hydrated helps regulate body temperature, but beyond that, it can help keep joints lubricated, prevent infections, transport nutrients to cells and maintain good organ functions. In addition, when our body is adequately hydrated, other physical and mental well-being aspects will also positively benefit from it.


The best way to stay hydrated is keeping to the general rule of 8 glasses of water a day. If you are exercising or doing more physically straining activities, additional fluids should also be consumed. However, most of the time, many of us struggle to find the interest to drink plain water throughout the day. This is even more so difficult with kids. One solution to get them drinking ample fluids is by making and serving refreshing drinks. This is an interesting way to get the whole family into the habit of staying hydrated. One drink that stands out also great for hydration is tea.


Can I Hydrate with Tea?

Teh Tangerin Lipton
Iced teas are not only great in flavour but also super refreshing.

Tea is not only good for hydration but also contains flavonoids that act as antioxidants and may aid in heart, cognitive, and dental health. On top of that, they are good stress relievers and can help in weight loss when consumed without sugar or milk, combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Teas are also versatile drinks, and you can choose to drink them hot or cold. You can even add other ingredients such as honey and cinnamon that add flavours and other beneficial properties.


Iced teas make some of the most refreshing drinks, and endless recipe ideas are surrounding them. So, here’s one for you to try, Iced Coconut and Cucumber Green Tea recipe. On top of its refreshing taste, it also scores you bonus hydration points as both coconut and cucumbers have hydrating properties. If you’re looking to make something more fun, especially to encourage young ones to drink more, this Rainbow Mixed Fruit Tea or Apple Green Tea will do the trick. As they are colourful and visually appetizing, it will definitely get the family pouring for more!


Like every habit, it takes a bit of time and practice, yet every small step contributes to better health in the future. For example, get your family into drinking enough water and staying hydrated. If you’re teaching younger kids, make a game out of it, like who finishes their water bottle first. When brewing some tea, get the family involved and let each member choose their desired teas and flavours. Healthy habits are easier to cultivate with an open mindset and a positive attitude.


Remember always to stay hydrated!

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